Gut Check: Are You Aware of the Unspoken Brutal Reality of Leadership?
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How Do You Show Up in Moments that Matter Most?

“Why do some leaders make such stupid decisions when leading their people?” It’s a question I ask myself from time to time, especially as I hear stories from clients on their experiences with their leaders. Case in point, a recent story I heard from a client of mine, really left me scratching my head.

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What New Leadership Insights Did You Learn This Year?

My team and I spend a lot of time talking to senior executives about leadership accountability at large-scale speaking events, presentations, workshops and seminars. Between all this activity and the global travel it necessitates, the pace is demanding but the work is highly rewarding. I also relish the downtime when it arises. A couple of […]

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Do You Know How to Build Strong Leadership Accountability?

Boy, did Peter Drucker know what he was talking about. An Austrian-born consultant and educator, Drucker is considered the father of modern management philosophy and education. Although he died in 2005, his writings on the dynamics of business corporations and leaders still resonate for me and for many leadership consultants around the world. Drucker was […]

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