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Do you have a strong community of leaders to lead you through this crisis?

In early February 2003, we kicked off an 18-month leadership program for the top 70 leaders of a large municipal government. We designed an experience to help them better lead their organization into the future. It was the first time the city was engaging in this type of development for its senior leaders. We began […]

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Is this the decade when we will eradicate toxic masculinity?

As I read the breaking news about Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, I wondered to myself: Is this the tipping point? Is this the decade where we finally eradicate toxic masculinity from our organizations? In perhaps the single greatest moment of progress in the #MeToo movement, Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s wealthiest and most powerful men, was recently […]

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What is the most crucial leadership decision you need to make in 2020?

In January of 1990, I started my first business as a budding entrepreneur. I provided career advisory services to private clients, many of whom were senior managers in their organizations. The reason my clients came to me was that they were at a personal inflection point–they were dissatisfied with their current role or organization and […]

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Do you have meaningful leadership conversations with colleagues?

This fall, I worked with many senior leaders across several organizations to help them get clear on their company’s strategy and then understand how they need to step up and lead with greater accountability. I typically use the core ideas from my book, The Leadership Contract, as the backdrop to the sessions I lead. I […]

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As a leader, do you struggle with follow-through?

An interesting story emerged this week from the Premier League. Frank Lampard, the coach for Chelsea FC, took over the team in the summer and in August, put in place a strict disciplinary approach. How? By charging his players a range of significant fines for several transgressions and unacceptable behaviours.  It was his approach to […]

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