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Hybrid Work Will Be All About Trust

BIG IDEA:  Some leaders are showing their true colors in the debate over remote work. Organizations are trying a number of strategies to get their people back into the office. There’s the Goofus and Gallant approach: “Uberly engaged” employees want to return to the office, WeWork’s CEO claimed. “Those who are least engaged are very comfortable working […]

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Time for a Mid-Year Gut Check

BIG IDEA: We’re midway through the year. Time to pause and reflect. A little over a year ago, we all had to pivot to working remotely. This has been an enormous challenge for leaders in particular. Robbed of the ability to walk around the office and drop in on our direct reports, we’ve had to […]

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Resolve: When Resilience Isn’t Enough

BIG IDEA: You need both resilience and resolve to get through tough times. Overwhelmed. Disengaged. Underprepared. These three words are coming up again and again in my conversations with leaders everywhere. It goes without saying that the past year has been tough. Organizations have had to contend with a myriad of complex challenges. Many are […]

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Pulling Yourself Out of a Leadership Funk

BIG IDEA: Many of us are languishing right now. According to The New York Times, languishing is the dominant emotion of 2021. Languishing is the middle ground between depression and thriving. It’s a sort of blah, aimless, stuck feeling that can be the end result of the kind of prolonged stress we’ve all been feeling […]

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