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What Are You Doing To Pave The Way For Women Leaders?

      Imagine your teacher has asked you and your friend to stack chairs on the desks at the end of the school day. You both stack the same amount of chairs and complete the job equally as well. Then your teacher comes over and hands you a reward, but you notice your friend […]

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Do You Have The Courage And Humility To Apologize After A Screw Up?

When all was said and done, last Sunday night at the 2017 Oscars, all that people will remember is the apology. An act of contrition was definitely required after PwC – the accounting firm that had helped tabulate votes and identify Oscar winners for the past 83 years – handed the wrong envelope to actors […]

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How Good Are Your Soft Skills?

I was recently present when the CEO of a mid-size technology company was addressing a group of high potential leaders in her company. “Your technical skills generally get you your first management or leadership role,” the CEO said. “But a large part of your success after that will be based on the strength of your […]

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Do You Have The Guts To Speak Your Mind?

Michael Stuban’s last email to his bosses at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission was a real doozy. In his last on-the-job act before retiring, the 58-year-old middle manager fired off a scathingly critical email last fall that accused PA Turnpike of rampant nepotism, unaccountable executive leadership, and low morale brought on by incompetent managers.

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Leadership?

In January of 1990, I started my own consulting business; I left a stable and secure job with a large public sector organization to begin the life of an entrepreneur. I was so full of optimism and excitement that I didn’t even realize that I had started a business during an economic downturn. Interestingly, it […]

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