Is this the decade when we will eradicate toxic masculinity?
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Is This The Decade When We Will Eradicate Toxic Masculinity?

Is this the decade when we will eradicate toxic masculinity?

As I read the breaking news about Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, I wondered to myself: Is this the tipping point? Is this the decade where we finally eradicate toxic masculinity from our organizations?

In perhaps the single greatest moment of progress in the #MeToo movement, Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s wealthiest and most powerful men, was recently convicted of rape and sexual assault in a New York courtroom. He still faces similar charges in Los Angeles.

Debate about the importance of the verdict is still raging. Some believe this is a watershed moment for #MeToo, the global campaign to expose the powerful men who abused and harassed women with impunity. Others celebrated the fact that, finally, a jury was willing to “believe the victims” in a case that involved crimes that went back many years and which were not accompanied by many witnesses or forensic evidence.

As I reflected on these events, I did wonder whether this could be, finally, the beginning of the end of the toxic masculinity that has been practiced by so many powerful men. It’s a topic I have studied and commented on before.

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