How to Build Community in the Hybrid World of Work
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Have you conducted your mid-year leadership gut check review?

Normally, when June starts to edge close to becoming July, I post a Gut Check for Leaders blog and invite my readers to reflect on their leadership performance over the first six months of the year. Mid-year is a great time to pause and take stock of my experiences and key learnings. Where did I […]

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Do You Have A Strong Community Of Leaders To Lead You Through This Crisis?

Do you have a strong community of leaders to lead you through this crisis?

In early February 2003, we kicked off an 18-month leadership program for the top 70 leaders of a large municipal government. We designed an experience to help them better lead their organization into the future. It was the first time the city was engaging in this type of development for its senior leaders. We began […]

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Do you have meaningful leadership conversations with colleagues?

This fall, I worked with many senior leaders across several organizations to help them get clear on their company’s strategy and then understand how they need to step up and lead with greater accountability. I typically use the core ideas from my book, The Leadership Contract, as the backdrop to the sessions I lead. I […]

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What is the purpose of a corporation in today’s world?

When I was doing my graduate work, many years ago, I was influenced a lot by the research and thinking of Dr. Willis Harman. He co-founded an organization called the World Business Academy. I was fortunate enough to spend time with him and hear his lectures. At the time, he believed that corporations were becoming […]

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Do you have zero tolerance for bad behavior?

This year’s NBA playoffs have been an exciting ride so far. As a Canadian, the story gaining all the attention has been the play of the Toronto Raptors who now find themselves two wins away from a championship. There have also been some equally charged stories happening courtside as well. Just this week, in Game […]

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